While traveling south on Cobb Parkway, our client was going straight through an intersection that had a green light for him when he collided with a tractor-trailer crossing through the intersection. The semi-truck was traveling west on Cobb International and had failed to stop at the light as it turned red. Due to the truck driver’s negligence, our client collided straight into the right side of the semi-truck, completely damaging the front of his pickup truck. The pickup had to be towed from the scene of the accident because it was unable to be driven.

Proving Fault in the Accident

The semi-truck driver stated that the collision was, in fact, his fault to the police dispatch at the scene. However, because the truck driver was not issued a citation he later “changed” his version of the story.

The Kalka Law Group retained an expert accident reconstructionist and obtained the squad car dash camera, which captured the truck driver stating he ran the red light.

Establishing Negligence and Recovering the Settlement

With all of these things accounted for, our Atlanta lawyers at The Kalka Law Group could prove negligence and reckless behavior on behalf of both the commercial truck driver and the trucking company itself. Through rigorous representation of our client, the pickup truck driver, we recovered a settlement of $129,500 to cover his losses.

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