On October 4, 2015, a driver of a Chevy Tahoe failed to yield while making an unprotected left and struck Mr. Kalka’s client who was approaching by bicycle. The client was rushed to the hospital where he required a dozen stitches to close the wound. Later, x-rays were taken which indicated Mr. Kalka’s client had suffered a fracture of his patella.

For several months after the incident, the client complained that he was having trouble managing everyday tasks due to the injury. Mr. Kalka’s client stated that he had trouble walking, difficulty bending his affected knee and even had trouble putting on shoes and socks. His doctor has indicated that the injury will likely result in permanent, life-altering damage. Mr. Kalka’s client suffered limitations or complete disability to perform the following tasks due to his injury: riding his bike, exercising, walking without support, driving, sleeping through the night, household chores and yard work. Long term, Mr. Kalka’s client will likely face arthritis, muscle weakness and swelling of the area.

Mr. Kalka used innovated, digital methods to gather video and audio evidence against the negligent driver to prove he was 100% at fault. Mr. Kalka’s tenacious determination to his client abled him to retrieve $140,000 dollars in compensation which covered the cost of medical bills, surgeries and pain, and suffering.

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