Our client was crossing the street in the designated pedestrian crosswalk at Jesse Hill Jr. Drive and Coca-Cola Place when she was struck by a MARTA bus who was turning left. The MARTA bus driver had failed to yield the right of way to our client and due to her negligence, our client was left with serious injuries.

At the scene of the pedestrian accident, our client was briefly unconscious and then transported to the hospital where x-rays revealed numerous fractures in the region of her neck and pelvic area. She had to remain at the hospital for five days while they performed other tests, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other imaging. After this time, she was sent home with a handicap status and narcotic pain medications. In the months that followed, she had to undergo painful physical therapy and home healthcare, even having difficulty dressing herself during a period of her recovery.

Financial Costs Due to Our Client’s Injuries

The total cost of her medical expenses is growing and she will continue to need ongoing treatments, prescription medications, equipment. Additionally, there are bills she has yet to formally receive. She also lost 12.5 weeks of work due to her injuries which resulted in a substantial amount of lost income.

Proving the Bus Driver’s Negligence

When reviewing this case for fault, our Atlanta injury attorneys investigated all aspects of the claim in detail. They looked at multiple witness accounts taken at the scene of the accident by the police officer who was called to the scene.

Additionally, in reviewing the MARTA bus surveillance footage from the actual bus in the accident, it was very clear that the MARTA bus driver failed to check her surroundings and turned without yielding to our client in the crosswalk zone. The accident was deemed “preventable” and it was proven by the team at The Kalka Law Group that the driver was fully at fault for our client’s injuries.

Obtaining a Successful Settlement for Our Client

After pursuing mediation against MARTA on behalf of our client, we recovered a $199,000 settlement to cover her medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. This will allow her to focus on making a full recovery with the peace of mind she deserves.

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