The Kalka Law Group has managed to secure $350,000 for a client who was wrongfully injured by a negligent driver. She was severely injured in a head on collision caused by the other driver turning in front of her as she passed through an intersection. We are hopeful that our client can use this recovery amount to rest comfortably and find peace of mind, just as she deserves.

Important Details of the Head-On Collision Case

In early January 2017, our client was driving along the northbound side of GA-3 and approached the Union Grove Road intersection. All traffic signals and lights were granting her the right of way. A driver heading along the southbound GA-3 approached the intersection at the same time. He inexplicably began a left-hand turn into opposing traffic, despite our client and others driving through the intersection. The result was a violent head-on collision with our client, which was strong enough to throw her car into another vehicle on the right side of the street.

Emergency medical technicians arrived at the scene shortly after the car crash and transported our client to a nearby hospital for emergency examination and care. She was complaining of chest pain, and she had visible injuries, including an open bone fracture in her left arm. Immediate surgery was required to correct the ulnar fracture. In the end, it was discovered that she had suffered severe fractures in her left arm, contusions of her right knee and clavicle, and a dislocation of her radioulnar joint.

Several days later, she returned to her physician for a follow-up diagnosis. She was still experiencing pain and aches and believed a prior back injury had been worsened by the crash. Thankfully, her continued treatments and rehabilitation went as well as can be expected and she reached her maximum medical improvement (MMI) without further complications. However, her injuries are noted to be “severe and permanent.”

The final medical bills amounted to nearly $150,000. After negotiating with the responding insurance company, we were able to secure $350,000 to account for our clients’ medical costs, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering.

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