The things you do after your accident can make or break your claim. Some steps can be beneficial, while some actions can negatively impact your ability to obtain compensation. In this blog, we’ll discuss how social media—one of the most popular platforms in the world—can damage your claim and leave you with nothing after a crash.

Watch The Pictures You Post

You may not realize it, but even if your profile is private, insurance adjusters will try to find ways to see what you’re posting. Insurance adjusters can use pictures you post against you. If you have a pending injury claim, but images show you being active, it can work against you.

Don’t Delete Anything

If you delete information, statuses, images, or videos from your social media profiles, insurance adjusters may look at it as the destruction of evidence. It’s a big problem that you don’t want to endure, so even if you think an image you previously shared can hurt your claim, it’s best to leave it and not delete it.

Keep Details Off Your Page

Don’t discuss your accident on your social media profiles. You may not think that you have anything to hide, but keep this in mind: any inconsistencies in your story can impact your claim. If you post something on your profile that differs from your statements to insurance adjusters, you can expect them to question you about it and potentially deny your claim.

Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators, and insurance companies have countless resources. Their top priority is protecting their profits, and they’ll do anything to pay out as little as possible after a car accident claim.

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