At The Kalka Law Group, we have yet another case to add to our list of wins for our clients. Our personal injury law firm was recently successful in obtaining a $285,000 settlement on behalf of a man who was injured while on a business property. The man had been visiting the premises of a truck sales business when a wood floor beneath him caved in, which resulted in him falling 12 to 14 feet. The man landed on his feet a concrete floor before falling onto his back, which resulted in the accident victim obtaining multiple injuries. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys took action on this man’s behalf. We demanded a settlement from the insurance company that provided coverage to the at-fault business. After clearly laying out all the damages and why the business was at fault, we were able to secure a settlement within a month of the letter being issued. Below, we have outlined the essential details of the case.

Accident Date: October 20, 2012 (Client was at the business to see a truck)

Client’s Injuries: fractures in the left knee and left foot, injuries to the back and neck, multiple ligament tears (including a tear of the ACL), swelling, bruises and pain in various parts of his body

Client’s Treatments: splint on left knee and left foot, walker boot on left knee and left foot, immobilizer on left knee, knee surgery, steroid injections to the neck and back, physical therapy

Total Economic Losses: The client’s total economic losses came out to more than $118,500, which included $72,589.50 in medical bills and an estimated $46,000 in lost wages. Our client is self-employed and works in construction labor. He had to turn down several jobs while he was unable to work due to his injuries. Additional financial losses are expected in the future.

Georgia Law on Premises Liability: Georgia law (O.C.G.A. §51-3-1) states that those who own or occupy property must make reasonable efforts to keep their premises safe from hazards that could harm invitees.

Liability of the Business: In our case, we found that the wooden floor involved in the collapse was rotted, though the damage had been hidden since the floor boards had been covered with slabs of plywood. The rotting of the wood was due to a leaky roof. Our law firm argued that the business knew about both the condition of the wooden floor and the roof, especially considering the fact that the business set up garbage cans that were utilized for catching the water from the leak. It was obvious from the condition of the wood that the leak was a problem that had likely persisted for a long period of time–probably months, or even years. By not fixing this problem, the business created an unreasonable hazard that clearly placed visitors’ safety at risk.

Result: $285,000 settlement

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