Extreme weather in the winter is not the only danger when it comes to your vehicle. There are also significant hazards that exist in the summer weather as temperatures reach high numbers. The dangers in the extreme heat, though, pertain to your tires and increase the potential for blowouts and drivers losing control of their vehicle.

As a driver, you should recognize what you can do to protect yourself and your vehicle in extreme heat. You should also know how someone else is negligent if a crash occurs because of the high temperatures and tire blowouts.

How Does Heat Impact Your Tires?

When temperatures increase, so does the pressure in your tires. Heat can expand tire pressure, and with the traction on the road and the pavement heat, it’s enough to wear on your tires to potentially cause a blowout. The tread on your tires may tear, and a tire blowout can cause you to lose control quickly.

Does Negligence Still Exist?

In short, yes.

It’s up to each driver to ensure they’re doing whatever they can to maintain their vehicle and prevent an accident from occurring. Tire maintenance is vital to ensure pressure and tread are adequate, reducing the chances of a tire blowout.

If a driver doesn’t maintain their vehicle and a crash occurs because of it, they may be held accountable for any damages they cause. Just because weather plays a factor, it doesn’t excuse someone’s negligence and failure to perform maintenance and keep others safe.

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