Passing other vehicles can present challenges from time to time. Read on to learn how to stay safe when doing so.

Remaining Safe On Busy Roads

Sometimes passing a vehicle can be dangerous. For example, whenever you maneuver through traffic to change lanes or pass another car, you create a certain level of risk for yourself. Therefore, you have to make critical decisions very quickly to ensure you and those around you are safe.

Safety is even more pressing when the vehicle you are passing is a large truck or bus. These types of commercial vehicles have certain limitations that normal-sized cars do not have. For example, commercial trucks have more prominent blind spots, longer stopping distances, and limited maneuvering capacities.

Luckily, you can implement several tips in your driving habits to keep you safe and allow for the secure passing of other vehicles.

Avoid Blind Spots

Large buses and trucks have significant blind spots around all sides. To determine if the driver can see you, try to find yourself in the truck’s side mirror. If you cannot see yourself, the driver probably cannot see you either.

Expect Wide Turns

Commercial vehicles need extra room when turning, which is why they will sometimes begin a turn from the middle of the lane. If you notice a truck has its turn signal on, do not try to navigate between the vehicle and the curb.

Steer Clear of Passing on a Downgrade

It is best not to initiate passing a truck while you are going down a hill. They tend to pick up a lot of speed, and dangerous consequences can result.

Give Yourself Enough Room

Cutting it too close when passing vehicles is dangerous on its own, but it is even riskier when trying to do so with trucks and buses. If you dart out too quickly, you will probably be in a blind spot. Even if you are not, these commercial vehicles might not be able to slow down in time to prevent a crash because it takes them much longer to come to a halt.

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