In Georgia, whenever a motor vehicle accident is reported, a vital document known as the police accident report is generated. These reports are invaluable resources, particularly for individuals seeking compensation for injuries or damages resulting from such accidents. They provide a comprehensive account of the incident, including essential details about the individuals involved, any witnesses, prevailing weather conditions, and a narrative of events leading up to and following the accident. Equipped with this valuable tool, accident victims and their legal representatives can more effectively navigate the often intricate process of pursuing compensation. This is because the information contained in these reports plays a pivotal role in determining liability and facilitating a fair and just resolution of the situation.


While police accident reports in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and the rest of the state are essentially considered public records, obtaining timely access to these reports can be less straightforward. In Georgia, the Law Enforcement and Open Records Act grants individuals the right to access various public records, including motor vehicle accident reports. However, the process is not always as simple as waiting for these reports to become publicly available.

To access a car accident report, a person must submit an official request, and the request must have a legitimate purpose. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs and a police report is filed, there is often no clear guidance provided to the involved individuals on how to obtain a copy of the report.

To address this issue, we have compiled the essential information for obtaining a police accident report in Sandy Springs. Typically, after a couple of weeks, the police report will become public record, however, all record requests are not accepted. Additionally, certain parties, including the drivers and passengers involved in the accident, are granted early access to these reports to ensure they have the information they need promptly. This emphasizes the importance of understanding the process of obtaining a Sandy Springs police report, as they play a pivotal role in determining liability and facilitating fair and just resolutions in accident-related cases. Please contact us at the Kalka Law Firm for any further assistance needed. We are happy to assist! Our proven track record of case results from helping accident victims shows that The Kalka Law Group is your trusted partner in navigating the legal intricacies surrounding your accident case.


How to Get Sandy Springs Police Reports Online

To access a Sandy Springs police accident report online, you can follow this step-by-step process provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department:

  1. Start by visiting the Sandy Springs Police Department’s website and click on the “Citizen Services” tab located at the top of the page.
  2. Under the “Most Popular Service” section, you should find an option labeled “Police Reports.” Click on this option.
  3. Once on the next page, scroll down to the section labeled “Search and Obtain a Report Online.” Click on the gray box under that section that says “Obtain a Traffic Accident or Incident Report.” This will redirect you to a new page with a statement in a blue box from the Sandy Springs Police Department. If you agree with the terms and conditions stated, click on “I Agree” to proceed.
  4. A new page will load, and at the top, make sure to select “Accidents” while keeping “Arrests” and “Incidents” unchecked.
  5. Fill in the required information, which is the date of the accident or the date it was reported. You have the option to add more details to ensure the correct report is generated, including:
    •  The individual’s first and last name
    • Case number
    • The location of the accident, including the neighborhood if applicable
  6. Once all the necessary information is entered, click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the box.
  7. A list of accidents will appear below the box. Find the one that matches your accident and click “Add to Cart” next to it.
  8. You’ll be taken to a new page where additional information is needed to access the Sandy Springs police accident report. Provide your:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Driver’s license number
    • Accident report number
    • The state where your driver’s license was issued
  9. After entering this information, click submit at the bottom of the blue box and follow the prompts to obtain a copy of your Sandy Springs police report.
  10. Please contact us at the Kalka Law Firm for further assistance

We hope that providing a step-by-step process on how to obtain a Sandy Springs police report online is helpful. If you encounter any difficulties in locating your accident report, we recommend reviewing the information you entered to ensure its accuracy. By following these steps, you can efficiently obtain the necessary Sandy Springs police accident report online through the Sandy Springs Police Department’s designated portal.


How to Get Sandy Springs, GA Police Reports by Mail

The Sandy Springs Police Department’s website lacks explicit instructions for obtaining a police accident report via mail, but there’s a workaround. Those wishing to request a Sandy Springs accident report can contact the Sandy Springs Police Department directly by phone at 770-551-6900. They may be able to provide guidance or help expedite the process.

However, there are alternative routes for receiving a Sandy Springs accident report by mail, one being the BuyCrash website, where reports can be purchased online, or by sending a request to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). In order to submit a request, a GDOT police accident request form must be filled out first. The request and payment can be mailed to:

GDOT’s Crash Reporting Unit

935 United Ave. SE, Bldg 24

Atlanta, GA 30316

However, note that this avenue may take a minimum of two weeks for completion. To hasten the report’s receipt, contacting 1-866-215-2771 or visiting the BuyCrash website might yield quicker results.