While social media platforms have become a prevalent fixture in most of our lives, there are certain things that should not be shared publicly on the internet.

You may not see your social media profile as a public webpage on the internet, but be sure that it is.

Setting your profile to private may seem like it will provide the protection you need to keep your social media accounts secure, but that may not be the case. Keep reading to learn more.

A Private Account Won’t Always Protect You

Even if you set your social media profiles to private, the opposing party may still have access to what you post on your accounts. Insurance companies and attorneys are highly skilled at combing through data to find content that can help their clients’ cases.

The last thing you want to do is provide the opposing party with ammunition against your case.

It’s Best Not To Post After A Crash

If you are involved in an injury-sustaining car accident, it is best not to post about it on social media at all. Doing so may not only jeopardize the confidentiality of your case but may also give the opposing party evidence they can use to show that you are more at fault for your injuries than you say you are.

We’re Here To Help Injured Car Crash Victims

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