Thousands of car accidents are caused around the country each year by distracted drivers who use their cellphones behind the wheel. In order to help reduce the number of these accidents within its borders, Georgia has recently updated its hands-free device and driving policies to match that of many other states.

A brief summary of the law amounts to making it illegal to use any electronic device while driving as long as any body part touches that device. That is to say, you cannot hold a smartphone, rest it on your lap, cradle it in your shoulder, or place it anywhere else on your body while driving. The law pertains to any motor vehicle in use on public roads, so it is illegal to use a cellphone at stop lights, but it is legal if you are legally parked.

Hands-free devices are therefore still permitted in most circumstances. Bluetooth devices and in-dash speaker systems are expected to see a rise in purchases, installations, and use in Georgia following the legal change. Drivers can also still use other traditional communication devices, like Ham or CB radios. Furthermore, it is not illegal to use an electronic device while driving during an emergency situation, such as calling 911 after witnessing a car accident.

The penalties for driving while using an electronic device are relatively lenient, though. A first-time violation can be met with a $50 fine and one point on the driver’s record. The penalties scale evenly with each subsequent violation, so a third-time violation, for example, would be penalized with $150 fine and three points.

(For more information about Georgia’s updated distracted driving laws, you can click here to view a full article from NBC 4 WYFF.)

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