Our Atlanta accident attorneys will tell you that the refusal of medical treatment after a car, truck or motorcycle accident can negatively impact a personal injury claim you choose to file after the accident. If you are the victim of an Atlanta traffic accident, you should immediately seek medical attention from a doctor’s office or a hospital.

Sometimes, it is not enough to just be treated by the emergency medical technicians who arrive at the scene of the accident. Emergency medical technicians, or EMTs, will do everything to stabilize the accident victims. But, visiting a doctor will establish an instant medical record regarding the accident. A medical record becomes a permanent piece of evidence that an attorney can use during the case. It can help demonstrate the extent of the injuries sustained and the impact that the accident has had so far.

Waiting until your injuries worsen and then seeing a doctor can reflect negatively upon your case. A defense attorney or insurance company might question why you waited to seek medical attention, implying that your injuries were not serious.

After an Atlanta wreck of any kind, you should take these steps right away, according to State Farm’s website.

  • Check for immediate, life-threatening injuries
  • If possible, move the vehicles to a safe place on the road out of traffic’s way
  • Call the police to report the accident
  • Turn on your hazard lights and wait at a safe distance nearby the accident scene

Then, after the initial hype of the accident falls away, you should begin dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

  • Notify your insurance agent
  • Visit your doctor or a local hospital for any injuries, surface or internal level
  • Document the details of the accident- where, what, who, when, why
  • Keep a journal or record of your recovery and any time needed off of work

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