Summer is here and it’s a popular time for those who love to spend their nights out on the town. This also means an increase in rideshare vehicles. And with the opportunity to make a lot of money, it’s no surprise that these drivers are willing to put in longer shifts to get more passengers.

However, this also presents a specific set of problems as there is not only an increase in traffic, but longer shifts can prove to do more harm than good. While it’s understandable that rideshare drivers are trying their best to make as much as possible, they also ignore their own well-being, putting others at risk.

Longer Shifts = More Dangers

The longer a rideshare driver is on the road, the more fatigued they are going to be. This is especially true when you consider the hours of the night which they operate their vehicles. This can lead to issues of slow reaction time and lost focus.

Fatigued driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents, and this is heightened in situations where the driver is unaware of their surroundings or scanning the sidewalks for passengers. When fatigue sets in, it’s easy to see how a serious collision can occur.

More Vehicles Create Late-Night Traffic Woes

The weekends can create the worst possible traffic when it comes to crowded areas such as night clubs, bars, and venues. It positions those on the road facing a serious obstacle of how to get from passenger to passenger without competing with other vehicles and without crashing.

However, so many vehicles on the road combined with the fatigue of working a long shift and the distraction of a notification on the driver’s cell phone can be detrimental to the health and safety of many individuals on the road.

Far too often, individuals (drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, even passengers) suffer severe injuries when rideshare drivers are negligent. Whether by distraction or fatigue, there are significant dangers that rideshare drivers pose and it’s important for those harmed to understand their rights.

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