Facts of the Case

Attorney Anthony Kalka of The Kalka Law Group, and Attorney Brian Caron of Steelhorse Law, collectively worked together to litigate this extremely difficult case. Attorney Caron, with vast case background involving motorcycle accidents, choose Attorney Kalka based on his extensive case background involving tractor-trailer collisions. The client was traveling on their motorcycle northbound on US 411 in Madisonville, Tennessee when a tractor-trailer in front of them slowed to make a wide right turn over multiple lanes into Madisonville Marine for a delivery.

The motorcyclist collided into the rear of the truck, causing the motorcyclist to incur serious injuries, including a fractured vertebra, broken ribs, and paralysis of their right eye. They were immediately airlifted to Knoxville, Tennessee, where they received medical treatment.

At first, the motorcyclist was listed as at-fault for the collision supposedly because they rear-ended the tractor-trailer. The reason why was the lack of locating any potential witnesses to the collision and no recollection of the facts of the collision by the client due to memory loss.

Proving Fault of the Truck Driver

Through relentless representation and investigations, Attorney Kalka reviewed surveillance footage procured by Attorney Caron from Madisonville Marine which revealed the tractor-trailer cutting directly in front of the client as he made a wide right turn over multiple lanes. With this new information, it was clear the truck driver was at-fault instead of the client. By locating this video, Attorney Kalka helped win the case and recovered a $350,000 settlement for the client in Knoxville, Tennessee.

After reviewing the surveillance footage, Attorney Kalka immediately filed a lawsuit in Madisonville, Tennessee. From this point, defense counsel removed the case to the Eastern District Court of Tennessee in hopes of a defense verdict, however, Attorney Kalka and Attorney Caron were a perfect match to recover a favorable settlement for the client.

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