At The Kalka Law Group, we are proud to help clients recover the compensation they deserve for not only their medical expenses, but also their pain and suffering. In a recent case against State Farm, we were able to help our client obtain the compensatory damages she needed to cover the costs and mental distress from the accident.

The incident began in March, 2013 when our client’s vehicle was struck by another vehicle who did not heed the right of way. This caused our client’s vehicle to rollover multiple times, eventually resting upside down. She suffered neck and back injuries from the collision, including two herniated disks in her lower back and neck.

Complications with Medical Treatment

Due to the accident, our client sought medical treatment from numerous specialists and was referred to multiple doctors. While she got some preliminary treatment for her spinal and neck injuries, she was still experiencing a serious amount of pain. She was referred to a doctor who gave her steroid injections in her neck and back. However, these injections caused an infection to develop, resulting in a 36-day long hospitalization. She underwent a surgical procedure following this hospitalization and continues to go to follow up appointments and therapy sessions for her pain.

Our firm recognized how challenging and difficult our client’s medical complications and injuries were. For this reason, we fought for the maximum amount of compensation she deserved. Our lawyers sought damages for both short and long-term disabilities, including the continued care and treatment she will need to receive for her pain. We were able to work out a settlement with the other driver’s insurance, totaling $1.25 million.

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are extremely honored when we are able to help clients recover the compensation they need to move forward after a personal injury. If you would like to discuss a similar case with our firm, contact us today.