The Kalka Law Group has settled an accident case for $1, 000, 000 involving a client who suffered serious injuries and was forced to undergo a double amputation. The client, an employee for garbage disposal company, American Disposal Services, had been standing on the platform located just behind the commercial ADS truck, a 2004 Kenworth Construction vehicle. The vehicle had been stopped in the southbound lane in the vicinity of 5384 Austell Road, with the emergency indicators flashing.

A reckless driver in a 2009 Dodge Caliber collided into the truck, traveling at full speed. The client was pinned between the front of the Dodge and the Kenworth Construction truck, and was forced into the heap in the truck, where sustained serious injuries.

Reports indicate that other witnesses had noticed the driver zipping by too quickly. The driver admitted that he had been distracted at the time of the incident; he was in the process of looking down to retrieve his cup of coffee and did not notice the client or the stopped vehicle until he was directly behind. Further reports indicate that the driver had been traveling at full speed at the time and just before impact,

The Kalka Law Group’s client was immediately taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. The client suffered head injuries, an injury to his torso, and remained in a coma for a week. Doctors had no choice but to amputate both of his legs. In the personal injury claim, he sought compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and wages lost due to his inability to continue working. The client’s wife also sought restitution for loss of companionship of her spouse.

Our top Atlanta car accident attorneys sought compensation for the debilitating injuries to the maximum possible settlement. We obtained a $1, 000, 000 settlement for our client and and wife, to assist in the client’s recovery after such a tragic incident.

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