Drunk Commercial Driver Collides with Woman on SR 124

A man working for a company in Alpharetta was given a company vehicle by his employer. On October 1, 2017, he was driving his company vehicle while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. At approximately 11:15 AM, he was driving east on State Road 124 when he crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic and caused a head-on collision with another driver. The force of the crash destroyed the other driver’s vehicle and left then severely injured.

Damages & Injuries Resulting From the Accident

The driver experienced injuries to the femur, ribs, sacrum, kidneys, and more. Their injuries were so extensive that they required multiple surgeries and permanent implants in their leg. After months of physical therapy and treatment, they still experience’s pain in their legs, hips, and knees, and this is expected to continue for 101 years or more.

Their medical expenses totaled more than $104,000, and the future costs of their injuries will total more than $400,000, minimum. In addition to massive medical bills, it has significantly diminished their quality of life and ability to perform normal tasks without assistance.

Driver’s Employer Failed to Perform Proper Evaluation

It came to light during the case that the drunk driver’s employer failed to obtain a Motor Vehicle Report before hiring him. If they had done so, they would have found that his license had been suspended for nearly 3 years due to multiple DUI charges. As a result, we were able to recover $1.75 million in damages on behalf of the client to compensate them for pain, suffering, and current and future medical costs.

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