On June 8, 2016, Attorney Owings’ client was on his motorcycle traveling westbound on Ernest Barrett Parkway in Marietta when he was struck by another driver who improperly changed lanes. The other driver did not see the motorcyclist, changed lanes, and hit him with the rear passenger side of her SUV. Our client was thrown from his motorcycle and suffered serious injuries. The other driver was cited with an improper lane change violation and subsequently pled guilty to the citation.

Injuries Incurred Due to the Accident

The motorcyclist was immediately taken to the hospital and, after numerous CT scans, x-rays, and examinations, it was discovered that he had multiple rib fractures, a fracture of the left scapula, abrasions, and a broken femur. Although his shoulder injury did not require surgery, he wore a sling and endured substantial discomfort during his recovery. Surgery was required to repair the left femoral fracture. During the recovery for his femur, he required assistance getting around his home. He still deals with a limp and has difficulty performing activities that he used to be able to enjoy before the accident.

Recovering a Substantial $100,000 Settlement

Through the use of an expert witness investigation, reconstructing the accident, and drone footage to further dissect the scene of the accident, Attorney Owings at The Kalka Law Group was able to recover a $100,000 settlement on behalf of the injured motorcyclist. This will not only pay for the cost of his medical treatments, but it will help to cover his emotional, mental, and physical pain and suffering.

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