The Kalka Law Group is proud to announce we secured a six-figure settlement for a client who was seriously injured in a multi-vehicle tractor-trailer collision. The responding insurance company at first did not want to accept liability for the crash. After an in-depth investigation conducted by our legal professionals, we uncovered major indicators of liability and negligence that tipped the argument well into our favor.

Key Details of the Multivehicle 18-Wheeler Accident

Our client was driving to work early one morning in December 2017 with a coworker when they came to a stop along with traffic along the I-20. The defendant in our claim was not paying attention to traffic conditions as they drove their tractor-trailer that morning. When the traffic came to a stop, he did not hit the brake until one second before the collision with the car directly in front of him. That driver’s vehicle was hit with such force, it slammed into our client’s vehicle, which was also thrown forward and hit the truck in front of her.

Ambulatory transportation was needed to take our client to a nearby emergency room for medical attention, having been rendered unconscious from the truck accident. Multiple treatments and diagnoses across the next several weeks revealed the true extent of her many injuries. Doctors had found she suffered a brain bleed, clavicle fracture, vertebrae fracture, several other bone breaks, severe lacerations, and permanent disfigurement from the crash.

As a result of her injuries, our client needs continuing rehabilitation and continues to experience aches, pains, numbness, and other complications to this day. She was not able to return to work until months after the collision, but she could only take on partial duties. Our client has also suffered emotionally, especially in considering she can no longer travel to visit her loved ones in other states.

The Kalka Law Group Investigates the Causes of the Crash

While it was quite clear the sole cause of the multi-vehicle tractor-trailer accident was the negligent truck driver, The Kalka Law Group’s team of Atlanta personal injury lawyers were not satisfied with relying only on the immediate evidence. An in-depth investigation of the circumstances began, ultimately revealing a few key pieces of proof that improved our client’s case all the more. In particular, we discovered that the liable party had been convicted of violating federal trucking regulations only a few months prior to the collision. Also, the left front outside tire on the negligent trucker’s second axle essentially had no treading at all. A tire without treading will dramatically lose braking power, which surely contributed to the destructive force of this collision.

As per usual, the responding insurance company did not seem eager to give adequate compensation to our client. Upon the presentation of our refined claim and the new evidence found in our investigation, the tone of the conversation changed for the better. We are excited to say we secured $411,000 in compensation for our client.

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