Our client was visiting Atlanta from Florida to watch her daughter’s athletic performance in town. Upon entering the facility where the event was being held, the security guard failed to open all the ropes so that the parents could enter in a normal fashion. Instead, it forced hundreds of parents to funnel through a narrow opening. Our client and others ducked under one of the ropes. According to eyewitnesses, when our client ducked her head to go under the ropes, the security guard came after her “like a linebacker after a running back” striking her head.

Our Client’s Injuries Following the Incident

When the client returned to Florida, she experienced excruciating thunderclap headaches followed by shooting pains down her spine. It turned out that she had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, or brain bleed, in the fluid-filled space between the skull and the brain itself. She spent two weeks in a hospital in Florida to monitor the bleeding. Fortunately, she did not need brain surgery and the hemorrhage resolved though she continued to experience fatigue and short-term memory loss following this traumatic brain injury.

Proving Hiring Negligence

She and her husband hired attorneys Matthew Broun and the team at The Kalka Law Group to investigate the incident. They quickly discovered that the security guard involved had a history of violence and should have never been hired as a security guard. They also took several eyewitness statements confirming the client’s account of what happened and obtained a medical narrative from the treating neurologist linking the brain bleed (which was not diagnosed until almost a week after the trauma) to the altercation with the security guard.

The Settlement

Proof in hand, our Atlanta injury attorneys at The Kalka Law Group, Matthew Broun and team were able to obtain a pre-suit settlement in the high six figures (and over five times our client’s medical bills) allowing the client to put this incident behind her and move on with her life.

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