On December 23, 2015, a fatal wreck occurred on I-75 involving both the southbound and northbound lanes. Two accidents occurred involving multiple vehicles during rainy conditions, resulting in one fatality. It happened just five miles south of Perry, GA and the interstate was closed for a number of hours as a result of the collision.

How Did The Accidents Happen?

The first accident involved three vehicles traveling southbound on I-75. One vehicle misjudged the distance between their pick up truck that was hauling a trailer and the pickup truck in front of them, resulting in a rear-end collision. Both pickup trucks then propelled across the interstate, colliding into the center median. The debris from this flew over the median into the northbound lanes, which flew into the path of a truck, causing the truck to have to pull over to the east northbound shoulder.

In the second accident, another semi-truck slowed in hopes of pulling over to aid the truck on the shoulder from the previous accident. The driver of the truck who initially pulled over had since gotten out of his truck and was walking on the shoulder. Unfortunately, when the semi-truck tried to pull over and help, a Fed-Ex truck who was following behind this truck tried to apply the brakes as well, but was unable to stop in time. This resulted in the Fed-Ex truck rear striking the back of this tractor trailer and losing control. The Fed-Ex truck jackknifed and onto the shoulder and killed the driver who was standing on the shoulder.

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