In 2016, The Kalka Law Group represented Horace Walker, who was a sanitation worker. He was working behind his commercial waste truck when a negligent driver hit him and pinned Horace between the car and the truck. The Kalka Law Group discovered that the negligent driver was fumbling for his cup of coffee and did not see our client or the flashing lights of the sanitation truck.

Horace lost both of his legs above the knee as a result of the other driver’s distraction. Since the incident, Horace has made a remarkable recovery. From day one, he was determined to walk again. With the help of the recovery The Kalka Law Group obtained and modern medicine, Horace is walking with prosthetic limbs.

Horace Walker is also speaking out on the topic of distracted driving, participating with the Georgia Department of Transportation’s distracted driving awareness campaign, “Drive Alert, Arrive Alive.” Horace is helping spread the message of the serious consequences of driving distracted. You can watch the PSA in the video below.

Horace’s message teaches us that distracted driving is more than just driving while texting or otherwise using a smartphone. Driving distracted is driving with anything less than your full attention devoted to the road. Please drive safe!